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We are closed Thursday 25 April for ANZAC Day.


We are working towards making our library more welcoming for all members of our community.

Quiet Hour

A modern library can have a lot going on with programmes, computers, noise, and bright lights. We have started Quiet Hour to make it a less stimulating environment.

Every Tuesday morning, The Elma Turner Library holds a Quiet Hour from 9.30-10.30am. This involves dimming artificial lighting, turning off public computers, suspending noisy activities, having sensory toys and furniture available, and minimising sound where possible. You can still check-out items and return books.

We would appreciate if you can be respectful by switching off phones and keeping the space quiet and welcoming for all users.

Dementia Friendly Recognition

We are delighted to be recognised by Alzheimers New Zealand as a Dementia Friendly Library.

Most people diagnosed with dementia live at home in their local community, which is why it’s so important that we do all we can to make our people and spaces more accepting and understanding.

This has included staff training, inviting Alzheimers New Zealand to assist in our library layout, developing dementia programmes, and establishing a Memory Loss and Dementia collection. Our Dementia Friendly Book Group is open to people at all stages of memory loss and their whānau or carers.

Sensory Kits

Sensory toys and equipment can now be borrowed from the library with two new Grab & Go bags. These are full of items that help to relax minds, encourage creativity, and support learning in people with neurodiverse conditions or living with dementia.

We also have a Sensory Squeeze Chair in the Children's Library. This is designed as an anti-anxiety companion as sitting on it helps to relieve stress and sharpen focus.

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