Home delivery

We offer a free service to residents of Nelson who are housebound, either temporarily or permanently, through a major illness, disability or advanced years, and have no access to transport.

Items are selected by library staff and delivered to the housebound person's home by a volunteer, usually once a fortnight. Books, magazines, talking books, CDs and DVDs are available. We can also help you download eBooks and audiobooks onto your device.

If you are a housebound person, or you know of someone who is, please contact us to discuss this service.

For all enquiries about the home delivery service , please contact the home delivery staff on 546 0412 or email library@ncc.govt.nz.

Become a volunteer

Our Home Delivery service is delivered by volunteers to our housebound customers' homes. If you are interested in being a home delivery volunteer, please fill out the form below, or contact home delivery staff on 546 0412.