Life in the Bubble

We all have a story to tell. Nelson Public Libraries and the Nelson Provincial Museum want to hear your experience of life during Covid-19.

You can share your story using the form below or get in touch if you would prefer to talk about your experience in person.  We also encourage children to share their experiences and have created a space for them to do so over on the Kids section of our website. 

We understand that COVID-19 has affected us in different ways and that you may not be comfortable sharing your story online. If you would like to share your experience in person please contact or phone (03) 546 8100. The library welcomes enquiries where greater protection over the identity or dignity of the author may be required.

Sometimes a story isn’t enough, the museum is also reviewing donations, in physical or digital forms, of poetry, art, journals, oral histories, video, photographs, objects and craft relating to COVID-19. For donation enquiries please contact the Museum on

Any submitted works may be publicly viewed under a CC-BY license held by Nelson Public Libraries. Submitted works may be selected for permanent retention by the Nelson Provincial Museum under an open access license held by the Museum and under the terms of their collection policy for future preservation, research or display purposes.