18 May 2021

Other Ways to Manage Anxiety - Talk by Julia Panfylova

In this intimate talk, Julia will share her personal experience of managing long-term anxiety and how she uses exposure therapy, physical exercise, self-hypnosis and ASMR videos to live a better life.

managing anxiety1

Julia has been living with anxiety since childhood. Not able to get proper help in her early life, she developed many issues that resulted in low self-esteem and fears. When she moved from Ukraine to New Zealand, she decided to take control over her anxiety and discovered many amazing tools that helped her.

Now, Julia is a newly certified hypnotherapist and an ASMRtist with over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her hypnotic voice has been helping thousands of people around the world to feel calmer, more relaxed, and comfortable.


Elma Turner Library activity room, Saturday 27th June at 2pm