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Book Blog

14 Aug 2022

Our Favourite... Japanese crime

Japanese crime often has a signature different to Western crime, focusing more on the process of solving a crime instead of intense character development. These authors are a mix of Japanese writers and crime novels set in Japan.

8 Aug 2022

Reimagined fairy tales

Fairy tales help us decode the world around us, break down cultural barriers and teach us how to solve problems. These reimagined fairy tales are modern retellings of classic works that will excite, educate and maybe even terrify you. 

28 Jul 2022

Our Favourite... Female Detectives

In a traditionally male dominated field, we love it when a strong female detective led series comes along.  From amateur sleuths to professionals, from the light and funny to the darkly serious, these women have helped to redefine how we think of detective fiction.

17 Jul 2022

Our favourite... Outback Noir

Outback Noir - often dealing with the long term effects that climate change and extreme droughts are having on the rural Australian population. Add in murder, intrigue and family dynamics and you've got some great, page turning reads.