Book Blog

27 Apr 2022

Rainbow reads for Pride week

We are celebrating Nelson Pride Week with some great rainbow reads, fiction, non-fiction and young adult. Check out our display next time you're at Elma Turner.

26 Apr 2022

Stoke Bookchat - April reads

Bookchat meets at Stoke Library on the third Wednesday of each month. This month was the first session since January, as we hadn't been able to hold the Stoke Bookchat at Red alert level, so we were all very keen to catch up and share what we had been reading!

20 Apr 2022

May the Fourth Be With You in the Library

For May the Fourth, we are exploring the stories of our favourite characters, enjoying books about knitting the galaxy or cooking up an intergalactic breakfast. Or a little closer to home, we can read about the real story behind the actors playing our favourite characters. Check out some of the collection below.

14 Apr 2022

New in April - Crime and Thrillers

Moles in the CIA, aliens in New Mexico, gangsters on the mean streets of Glasgow, this month's new arrivals in crime and thrillers cover a wide range of locales, characters and tastes.