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Newly added in our Digital Library


We are excited to introduce the new additions to our Digital Library, Mango Languages and Road to IELTS.

Mango is wonderful digital resource for people wanting to learn a new language or improve their language skills.

An online language learning system that can help you learn the most popular languages in the world. Choose from over 70 world languages on desktop or mobile, from anywhere, at any time. Enjoy native speaker audio and cultural context that will fully immerse you in the language.

For those are preparing for the IELTs exams, Road to IELTS is there for you. It is the British Council's comprehensive, 100% online IELTS preparation program. It boasts over 300 interactive activities, 13 videos providing advice and tutorials, and 40 practice tests — everything you need to achieve a great IELTS score!

Visit Digital Library to access with your library card number and email to kickstart your learning journey.

If you don't have a library account yet, sign up now to access our extensive resources.

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